Herman Marigny III, A Business Magnate, A Gifted Genius

Herman Marigny III S.B.A. Award-Winning CEO


Herman Marigny III is a business magnate capable of obtaining business financing worth over a million dollars in a single month, Mr. Marigny is nothing but a force to reckon with. He has garnered much acclaim for pushing boundaries and breaking glass ceilings as Founder and CEO of the award-winning CDL Mentors Truck Driving School.

He hails as the driving force behind the operational excellence, brand growth, and outstanding financial performance of several startups. His shared passion for helping others achieve financial freedom and assisting struggling businesses has prompted him to grow many start-ups into fully fledged companies by helping them access business credit.

With a keen eye for excellence, a crystal-clear global objective, and an autocratic leadership approach Mr. Marigny, led Truck Driving School to win the coveted United States Small Business Administration and Emerging Award in 2020.

He is also the Founder and CEO of Wing7 Trucks, Wing7 Brokerage, and Jomsom Staffing Agency in Baton Rouge

His goal is to help small businesses with viable and innovating businesses-related advice to help them cultivate their market presence.


Many describe him as a gifted genius; he walks around with seven high-honor college degrees and is a former US Corps Marine Veteran.

You can rely on his conventional thinking strategies and hands-on experience to scale your business using unique methodologies that will increase your market share. Through a step-by-step business process, he will give you a free business scan, build your business credit, and put your business in a position where it can finally qualify for business loans.

Now, he’s made himself available to give practical, action-based, expert-level advice at R White Investments.

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