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First, our business scan shows you what you pre-qualify for now. Next, our success system details the key steps you must take. Then, we build your business credit scores to access more funding.

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Herman Marigny III
S.B.A. Award-Winning CEO, Real Estate Developer, Best-selling Author, Business Credit Expert, Coach & Mentor

Building Business Credit: Why Business Credit is Important for Your Small Business

Authored by: S.B.A. Award-Winning CEO, Herman Marigny III | Available on Amazon Kindle

Herman Marigny III has garnered much acclaim for being the CEO of the award-winning CDL Mentors’ Truck Driving School in Lake Charles and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Using his global perspective, the entrepreneurial minded Marigny III led CDL Mentors’ Truck Driving School into winning the coveted United States Small Business Administration and Emerging Award in 2020.

Being a multifaceted man, he is also the CEO of Wing7 Trucks, Wing7 Brokerage, and Jomsom Staffing Agency in Baton Rouge, and a US Corps Marine veteran.

As a recognized expert in business related processes, his career focus has been on teaching and empowering others to be better versions of themselves professionally.

He has epic incorporation with coordinated efforts, and he is also a FedEx team proprietor. His status and methodologies offer essential thinking strategies, connect with importance, and animate understudies to do their nearest to consummate. With 7 high-honor college degrees, he has become a recognized guru in processes related to business credit and finance; using that expertise to further pursue numerous successful businesses. He has, in a single month, obtained over a million dollars-worth of business financing using his knowledge.

Mr. Marigny is a hands-on business man who has perfected the art of helping entrepreneurs obtain business lines of credit by using an extensive and thorough step by step business process.

Credit Optimizing

Lender Compliance

A quick tour of Lender Compliance items that if left uncompleted can results in your business loans and credit applications being declined.

Reporting Trade Lines

From a business credit perspective you should strive to have at least 10 reporting trade-lines on your business credit reports. Of the 10 reporting trade-lines you acquire 5 of those should be vendors offering products or services your business needs on Net Payment terms..

Business Credit Scores

Business credit scores now play a major role in business financing and have become the determining factor in how much your business gets approved for, what interest rate you pay, and what length of payment term you receive.

Becoming Bankable

When your business becomes bankable that means you have separated personal credit from business credit and established a business entity that can stand on its' own for financing.

Business Credit Building Tutorial

Why building strong business credit scores, that are separate from you personally has become more important than ever.

Vendor Credit Lines Tutorial

What getting approved for reporting vendor lines of credit means to your business and how it helps secure other business financing.

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